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Dog Training

For dogs to be obedient and house-broken, puppy training is important from day one. Dogs need house training and obedience training for many months if they are to be well behaved and pleasant company.

Puppy School involves both puppies and the dog-owners. As you study dog obedience training books, you will quickly realise that both masters and dogs need training so they can understand each other!

Popular television programs about dog training and dog behaviour modification such as The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan are both entertaining and informative, but you probably need specific information to suit your individual needs.

In partnership with Amazon.com we have created the Puppy School Online Store, providing a wide range of dog books, dog magazines, DVDs, and other materials all dog owners (and prospective puppy owners!) will find useful.

There are also DVDs and books by the Dog Whisperer, as well as lots of other information about dog obedience training.



How to Raise Puppies and Look After Dogs

Choosing a dog - Guides to breed charateristics   The Dog Whisperer DVDs and Books
Dog Nutrition and weight conrol  

Dog Obedience Training

Dog housetraining and potty training   Dog Washing - Doggie Bath time

Getting a Dog

New puppies need caring for. We can help you think through everything about getting a dog, from dog grooming and bathtime, to the best products for simple things like taking your dog for a walk and exercise.

One of the most important aspects of dog well-being is a very basic thing - choosing a dog that suits your home life and personality. For example, the consequences to both the owner and the dog of putting a high-energy breed of dog in a home where the dog has neither a large back-yard nor gets lots of walks each day can be devastating to the dog, the owner, and even the furnishings!